Watch Out, Casio About..

Watch Out, Casio About..

There I was going on my first night out in my new surroundings ready to meet the wonders and sites of a new city. I am met by colleagues at a local bar to the site of men and women wearing casual clothes but all with their unique identity. Me, coming from a small town in the UK I had nothing on that people were noticing and I was new, what could I possibly stand out with?

I take a trip back maybe 4 years and whilst I was at university we were all in the same situation, struggling to put some money together to buy a meal and yet we were still able to get really drunk! Why was that? That's because we made a choice of what was important. It was at this time I deemed a watch to be important. I used to collect watches when I was younger and then I had none of these with me. It was time to stand collecting a new brand, that brand was Casio.

I bought this silver shiny number that literally was so big it was going to fall off of my wrist but I got it adjusted and it stayed with me all of that time. Bashed and bruised it still worked as not only a trusty timepiece but a great show off. 

Back to this evening, I have that very watch on right now! I roll up my shirt sleeves and against my lack of tan there shines that watch. No one will tell the tale of what happened that evening but friends were made and drinks were drunk and that watch lived on in all it's beauty. 

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