About The Charm Man

Why Did We Create The Charm Man?

To be honest with you The Charm Man has been on the brink of being created for ages. I'm sure like most other people my age (I will not mention my age haha) I seem to have become more mature and now everyone is arranging their weddings, parties, stag do's, evening at those places where you have to wear a suit jacket and you HAVE to stand out. 

We are being invited to all these kinds of events and with living away from my friends it's a lot to pay for, travel, hotels, new outfit, new shoes, gas, that bottle of water that is more expensive than a mortgage! I decided that I can't keep doing this and from my background in retail I just decided that was it! I am going to create a store that offers people like me the opportunity to buy mens accessories and these accessories are going to be affordable, make you stand out, change an existing outfit or just add something extra! 

I used to live with someone as well and he was impeccably dressed all of the time and when he got in the shower in the morning I used to go into his room, take something to wear and someone always used to say how good I looked so he would be proud that I have now decided to look after this myself. 

How We Provide This To You?

We have created an online store, a facebook shop and an instagram that you can shop from. The main reason we did this is that you would not believe the amount of time that men spend in the shopping mall or in their town shopping....

That's right it is no time at all, we want to get in, get what we want and get out!

The store offers it all in one place and when we set it up I ended up buying 8 products myself! 

What We Offer?

We offer everything from glasses, belt, cufflinks, watches, ties, bags you name it! Every product we choose, we choose because of the material and the look, all Charm Man products have to be...

- Clean Coloured

- Eye Catching

- Match a huge variety of outfits 

- Durable

It is so important to us that you maximise these and make your outfit and style stand out at a great price! 

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